Elected Leadership

Leslie Bary (UL Lafayette), President, leslie.bary@louisiana.edu

Sudhir Trivedi (Southern U-BR), Vice President, sudhir_trivedi@subr.edu

Thomas Miller (Southern U-BR), Secretary, Thomas_Miller@subr.edu

Kevin Cope (LSU-BR), Treasurer, encope@lsu.edu

David Reid (UL Lafayette), At-Large, david.reid@louisiana.edu

Ravi Rau (LSU-BR), Past President, arau@physics.lsu.edu (on leave 2019-2021)

Committees (per Constitution, chairs are members of the Executive Board; President is ex officio on all comittees)

Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure: Kevin Cope (Chair, LSU-BR); Amy Chaffee (Tulane); Angie Gwee (SU-BR); Judith Miranti (XULA); Dean Sinclair (Northwestern SU); Sudhir Trivedi (SU-BR); Hugh F. Wilson (Grambling SU) … this committee seeks additional members, particularly senior women in the natural sciences

Committee on Gender and Sexuality /Women’s Network: Judith Miranti (Chair, XULA); Jana Giles (ULM); Angie Gwee (SU-BR), Hugh F. Wilson (Grambling SU) … this committee is actively seeking additional members, please contact

Committee on Media Management: Vipin Menon (Chair, McNeese SU), Cynthia Cano (McNeese SU) … this committee would welcome additional members

Committee on Outreach and Communication: Kevin Cope (Chair, LSU-BR); Richmond Eustis (Nicholls SU), Jana Giles (ULM), Elizabeth Gross (Tulane); Dayne Sherman (SELU) … this committee seeks additional members

Ad Hoc Committee on COVID-19: Tom Miller (C0-chair, SU-BR), Christof Stumpf (Co-chair, LSU-A), Sudhir Trivedi (SU-BR) … this committee would welcome additional members